Tada, Kimi Wo Aishiteru

Alternative Titles
Just Loving You
Synopsis Tada, Kimi Wo Aishiteru
From Shoujo Manga Maniac: Amateur photographer Makoto and the homely but endearing Shizuru meet during university orientation and become instant friends. Shy by nature, Makoto finds himself opening up around Shizuru, and the two often go to a forest together to take photographs. Shizuru secretly likes Makoto, but he only has eyes for classmate Miyuki. When Shizuru decides to enter a photography contest, she asks Makoto to kiss her in the forest to create the perfect picture. But after that fateful day, Shizuru disappears.
Ichikawa Takuji
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024