Swan Lake

Alternative Titles
スワン レイク ; スワンレイク
Synopsis Swan Lake
From Dragon Voice Project: Collection of three short stories from the mangaka of Gakuen Alice. A older manga by Higuchi Tachibana based on certain fairytales. Cinderella, mermaid, and frogs... Main parts from fallen_18/lonelyduchess : Swan Lake: Nire, a girl that can be considered as Perfect. Unknown to others, she's actually poor. Very poor. Her goal is to marry a rich and handsome guy like Katsuragi-sempai. Aiba, a transfer student, had a bet with his friends to make Nire his girlfriend and eventually found out that she's actually poor. And so he threatened Nire to go out with him, if she doesn't comply to his wishes, he's going to tell everyone her secret. Mermaid: Tajima, was a mermaid princess who turned into a bubble. After a hundred years, a witch gave her a chance to get reincarnated into a human to search for her prince who was also reincarnated. The witch told the mermaid that when she finally finds her prince, she'll be able to remember her mermaid past and she wont be able to speak to him for a whole week. During that week, Tajima has to make the prince fall in love with her or else she'll be turned into a bubble again... Frog Princess: Kikuhime, hates frogs. One day, she spotted a talking frog, who was once a human being named Ukia but was cursed by a Frog Deity for killing many animals. Whenever he hears the word, 'Frog' he'll turn into one. But Ukai spotted her coming out from a maternity clinic, now a turn of up and down events are coming to Kikuhime's way.
Higuchi Tachibana
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024