Konya Mo Hitori De Nemurenai

Alternative Titles
今夜も一人で眠れない ; 今夜も一人で眠れない / ちゃおホラーコレクション 3 ; I Can't Sleep Alone ; I Can't Sleep Alone Tonight
Synopsis Konya Mo Hitori De Nemurenai
Story 1: Welcome to Picture-book World by Kiyoko Arai. Yuri hates her life. A strange picture-book appears and Yuri envies the girl in the story... Story 2: I Want You Close by Miyuki Oobayashi. Riko can see ghosts. She decides to help a boy ghost in her classroom. But then she finds out who he is... Story 3. I See a Hen by Eriko Ono. Etsumi always takes advantage of Mika's kindness. They have to care for the school hen, Ko-ko. Careless Etsumi fogets to lock the cage... Story 4: Forest of Memories by Satoru Takamiya. Tomori Asabika awakens in a strangely empty house. Then a boy dressed in black appears at her front door and helps her awaken memories--memories she doesn't want to recall... Story 5: The Show-off Ghost by Shinko Kumazaki. Amiri Kazuke and her Mystery Research Committee are aided by girl ghost Mamoka. Latest case: a mysterious molester on a train. Their lead: a boy ghost wearing a green raincoat... Story 6- The SOS Message: Miyuu loves her texting buddy Ai, even if she never seen him before, at the same time she feels like she's been watched? Is it that boy that she rejected or is it something else? Story 7- Me Inside The Mirror: A plain, gloomy girl has entered a mirror shop, where she receives a magic mirror that will grant her wish if she says "mirror, mirror, who's the fairest of them all". Much to her surprise, she became prettier, but at what price? Story 8- Doll Shop: A girl with hair problems walks home one day to find herself drawn into this beautiful girl that looks just like a doll. The doll girl fainted, forcing her to enter a Doll Shop nearby, where the store owner had granted her wish to gain a silky smooth hair. As people started to notice her more she wants to be more beautiful, just like that doll girl, so she goes back to the Doll Shop...
Arai Kiyoko, Oobayashi Miyuki, Takamiya Satoru, Ono Eriko
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024