Bara No Hitomi Wa Bakudan

Alternative Titles
电眼王子 ; 薔薇の瞳は爆弾 ; The Eyes of the Rose are Bombs
Synopsis Bara No Hitomi Wa Bakudan
1) The Turquoise Morning .A well known photographer named Jed Knox acquires a one-sided love from his time in a foreign country. Because the target of his crush, Sahab, said he would never love another since his wife died, Jed would never tell of his feelings. Oh but how Jed wished Sahab would love him even a little bit and that he could have Sahab's soul in his hands. Although ifrits (genies, etc) are magical wish givers in story, what could happen if they were real? 2) It's Time for Goodbye It is the morning after and the student finally notices that the lover's room is exceptionally sparse. 3) LOVE-ING A guy tells his friend that he's gay and in love with him, but his friend is surprised and leaves. 4) Playboy! He has had it. His lover won't make love to him and refuses to stop seeing other women. 5) The Eyes of the Rose are Bombs The prince-like Hansumi has an effect on everyone around him, except Mitsuda. 6) Aah Boyfriend Suzuki can't stop fantasizing about his friend. 7) Garden of Despair Isuka is still trying to come to terms with his feelings for his friend. 8) The Eyes of the Rose are Blind Continuation of chapter 5. 9) Garden of Desire Continuation of chapter 7. 10) Bad Boy Continuation of chapter 4. 11) Go Go Boyfriend Continuation of chapter 6. 12) Postscript
Yamashita Tomoko
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024