Sugar Sugar Rune

Alternative Titles
シュガシュガルーン ; 魔女的考驗 ; Chocola et Vanilla (French) ; Sugar² Rune ; Nữ phù thuỷ tập sự (Vietnamese)
Synopsis Sugar Sugar Rune
Best friends Chocolat and Vanilla are as different as night and day: Chocolat is a rowdy tomboy who always says what she thinks, while Vanilla is the quiet, shy daughter of the Queen of the Magic World! When, like their mothers before them, Chocolat and Vanilla are selected to be the rival Queen Candidates competing to become Queen of the Magic World, Chocolat and Vanilla don't let it strain their friendship, and vow to be best friends forever, no matter what. The competition works like this: Chocolat and Vanilla are to be sent to the Human World, where for the duration of their stay they will compete to see who can get the most human boys to fall in love with them and then steal their hearts using magic. The girls earn Ecure, the currency of the magic world, for each heart they collect, with each different color being worth a different amount. The witch with the most Ecure at the end wins! But to both Chocolat and Vanilla's surprise, the boys of the human world seem to fall for Vanilla almost instantly, while Chocolat is having a much harder time. Could it be that, unlike in the Magic World, girls like Vanilla -- quiet, shy, and cute -- are liked better than tomboys like Chocolat?! To make matters even worse for Chocolat, she finds herself strangely attracted to her new school's "prince", the cool and mysterious Pierre. Unlike humans, witches have only one heart -- and if it is taken, they will die, meaning that Chocolat can't let herself fall in love. And though Chocolat and Vanilla promised to be friends forever, no matter who wins, they both wish to become Queen....
Anno Moyoco
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024