Akutai Wa Ude No Naka De Futatabi

Alternative Titles
悪態は腕の中でふたたび ; Akutai wa Raihousha ni Yurumaru ; Akutai wa Ude no Nakade Futatabi ; Mutsugoto wa Akutai ni Torikawaru ; Your Sweet Whispering in My Arms Again
Synopsis Akutai Wa Ude No Naka De Futatabi
1. Akutai wa Ama sa wo Motte Hibi 2. Akutai wa Raihousha ni Yurumaru On the first day of the Golden Week, Natsume chances upon a kitten in the rain. He decides to look for an owner for the kitty but Touji is not happy about the fact that they have to spend their precious holiday looking for a cat lover. 3. Mutsugoto wa Akutai ni Torikawaru Natsume is going to Nagoya for a work assignment for a month and Touji wants something to remember by before he leaves. Touji snaps a picture of Natsume's sex face and Natsume snaps Touji's phone in half. How is the obsessed Touji going to last for a month without seeing Natsume's face? 4. Akutai wa Ude no Naka de Futatabi Natusume's and Touji's relationship, originally formed with a contract and a pair of handcuffs, has been steadily moving along. Despite that, Natsume is troubled by the mysteries surrounding Touji that is causing him to act strangely. Could their relationship last when Touji is force to deal with his past, which has come back to haunt him...? Extra. The Uninvited Housesitter
Fujiyama Hyouta
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024