Yome Wa Hakoiri Musuko

Alternative Titles
Synopsis Yome Wa Hakoiri Musuko
Having lived as the second son of a temple, worshipped as a deity, and being a sheltered boy capable of transforming into a snake, Sei finally decides he's had enough of this life, and sets out to run away from home! Not being used to human society, Sei gets worn out and escapes to a grassy field where he meets and is helped by Murasaki, the reptile enthusiast college student. As the sheltered boy who longed to be "normal", Sei takes this chance to befriend the unfriendly and hard-to-read Murasaki, but their co-habitation life is riddled with misunderstandings…?! The two experience their first love together in a hot and cute love comedy!
Ueda Niku
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024