Yuze’S Record Of Mountains And Seas

Alternative Titles
Remaining Damp Record about the Mountains and Seas; Shānhǎi Yúzélù ; Shanhai Yuzelu ; 山海余泽录
Synopsis Yuze’S Record Of Mountains And Seas
Yuze's Record of Mountains and SeasThousands of years ago, a catastrophe struck the land. The culprit was Shen Nan Chen, the beloved disciple of the Spiritual Father Gu Bei Mu. He led all the demonic beasts in the land with the ancient divine relic "Yuze's Record of Mountains and Seas" and started a war in the three worlds. The master, Gu Bei Mu, killed Shen Nan Chen with his own hands with a motionless Sword. Thousands of years later, Shen Nan Chen reincarnated as a college student, enters the Hall of Spiritual cultivation and searches for the truth about his demonic past.
慰风尘 ; 狂忧黍离
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024