Yasashii Te

Alternative Titles
やさしい手 ; 溫柔的手
Synopsis Yasashii Te
From Forbidden Garden: 1) Yasashii Te (Gentle hands) Kaoru is the type of girl who always has men fawning over her. She's pretty, bright, and has that sparkling personality that all men love. Then she met her new home tutor Katagiri... how will he fare against her wiles? 2) Twinkle Lovers Night Imai is rejected by her crush Kuwabara and then she must to work with him in the school festival committee... What'll happen to her next? 3) Okashi no Ie (Candy House) Natsumi's mother disappears leaving only a note telling Natsumi to go find her unknown brother who has been in her father's care since her parents divorce. Can really Natsumi think of the brilliant patissier as her brother..? 4) Katakoi Yozora (Unrequited Love's Night Sky) Eri is about to confess to her long time unrequited love Kuwabara when she sees him holding hands with Imai. Why is Kojima suddenly so attentive...? 5) Kobito-san's Story
Sakurakouji Kanoko
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024