Yachin Hanbun No Ibasho Desu

Alternative Titles
A Place for Half a Rent ; 家賃半分の居場所です。
Synopsis Yachin Hanbun No Ibasho Desu
From Shinmakoku Scanlations: 1. A Place for Half a Rent (Ch.1,2,3) “Want to come to my place?”. Despite being a little offended by those words, Shiraishi accepted Kanzaki’s kind offer and thus, they began their co-inhabitant and living under the same roof. Shiraishi, a hardworking college student with a smile that never leaves his face was actually worried about his boyfriend’s unfaithfulness. And no one else he could talk to about that matter except his co-worker, Kanzaki. He thought that the co-inhabitant proposal Kanzaki proposed to him was just a friendly offer, but the truth is… 2. I'm Serious in My Own Way (Ch.4,5) Yukito Shibata is in a mess. He has 1... no, 2 problems! His ex-boyfriend, Yoshioka Seiji, wants them to come back together, but it was Yoshioka who betrayed him in the first place. So he's having second thoughts. Now his step-nephew, Utsui Keigo, confesses his love for him! Keigo is 7 years younger, but he's very persistent. Which one should he accept? The whole story is told from 2 point of views. The first part is from Yoshioka's point of view, and the second part from Yukito's point of view. A sweet story about letting go of an old love and finding a new one. 3. Don't Be So Strict (Ch.6)
Asou Kai
Created On
January 08, 2024
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January 08, 2024