Warau Kyuuketsuki

Alternative Titles
ハライソ 笑う吸血鬼2 ; 笑う吸血鬼 ; baraiso: warau kyuuketsuki 2 ; Der lachende Vampir ; The Laughing Vampire ; The Laughing Vampire 2: Paradise
Synopsis Warau Kyuuketsuki
Volume 1 : The Laughing Vampire. While a young boy, just resurrected as a vampire, commits acts of awful ferocity, the city around him shows all its perversion. The adults abuse of their power, the boys degenerate and use all the available means to achieve their goal to give vent to their low instincts. Whoever can't understand and make opposition is doomed to change or becoming crazy. So which is the real horror? The vampire who kills in order to feed himself or the crawling disease hidden in the society that slowly corrupts without being noticed? Volume 2 : Paradise. Following the events narrated in the first volume, Luna and Konosuke are now living together with the old woman vampire as fellows, as lovers, in a diabolic innocence, killing to quench their thirst for blood, joining death and love under the dream of the eternal youth. Meanwhile a young boy, named Makoto, is looking for his lost sister Miko, who disappeared years ago under mysterious circumstances. But what has really happened to that girl who liked eating grubs and dreamed to become on of them? And is someone really hiding a terrible secret? The paths of all the characters will dramatically collide, bringing unexpected consequences after the things are gradually revealed. A story suspended between weirdness and decadence, showing a clear nostalgia for the German cinematography and Federico Fellini, where the blood is used to trace a great and only apparent amoral story.
Maruo Suehiro
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024