The Time Of Cherry Blossoms

Alternative Titles
As The Sakura Flowers Bloom,Ciliegi in fiore,Le temps des cerisiers,Sakura no Hanasaki kukoro,Sakura no Hanasaku Koro,Family Plot,Taxi Driver ,Shoujo no Kisetsu - Summer Dream ,The Season of the Cherry Trees,桜の花咲くころ,桜の花咲くころ 北条司短編集
Synopsis The Time Of Cherry Blossoms
Hojo Tsukasa's second collection of one-shots.<br><br>1. The Season of the Cherry Trees (Sakura no Hanasaki Kukoro)<br>Prequel to Komorebi no Moto de...<br><br>2. Family Plot <br>Losing your memory is not only painful for themselves, but also for people who love you. Hideyuki, a photographer, tries to find the memories that bind him to his son and the woman he loved.<br><br>3. Taxi Driver <br>A story about a vampire who works as a night taxi driver. His victims are his clients...or so it should be, for his good heart often remains with dry mouth, and when a young girl asks for his help, the real trouble begins.<br><br>4. Shoujo no Kisetsu — Summer Dream <br>Misako was always afraid of water, a distant memory that resurfaces in her dreams, until she finds herself trapped in a strange realm, somewhere between her dream and her past....
Tsukasa Hojo
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024