The Moment When A Fox Becomes A Wolf

Alternative Titles
When a Fox Becomes a Wolf ; When the fox becomes the wolf ; Bóng Mây Qua ; A pillanat amikor a róka farkassá változik (hungarian) ; اللحظه التي يتحول فيها الثعلب إلى ذئب ; O Momento em que a Raposa se transforma em Lobo (Portuguese) ; Nang Maging Lobo ang Alamid (Tagalog) ; Momentul când o vulpe devine un lup (Romanian) ; Øyeblikket da en rev blir om til en ulv(Norwegian) ; ögonblicket när en räv blir en varg(swedish) ; Le Moment Quand Un Renard Devient Un Loup (French)
Synopsis The Moment When A Fox Becomes A Wolf
Gook Eun-Song is your average high school girl... that is until her attractive younger sister stole the man she had a crush on. Depressed, Eun-Song purchased a bottle of alcohol and crawled into a supposedly cursed closet in her father's furniture store. Yu Ha is your average typical bad boy. He even broke traffic regulations just to end up being chased by a couple of police officers. Oddly enough, he also ended up in the same closet where Eun-Song is asleep from drinking too much. Yu Ha ends up sleeping in the cursed closet with Eun-Song by his side... just to find out the next day, their bodies have been *gasp* switched! Can anything else possibly go wrong for our poor heroine? Read this manga from left to right
Hwang Mi-Ri
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024