The Hero Is Trying To Change The Heroine

Alternative Titles
The Male Lead Is Trying to Change the Female Lead / 남주가 여주를 바꾸려고 합니다
Synopsis The Hero Is Trying To Change The Heroine
She transmigrated into the barely mentioned extra character 'Luberia.' Of all things, it had to be in the wretched novel "Becoming the Emperor," filled with war and disasters, where the heroine sacrifices herself for the hero and everyone dies! She had planned to hide her strength and live delicately and quietly, but... The male lead, 'Caesar,' keeps seeking Luberia out, and even goes so far as to propose marriage, expressing a desire to keep her by his side. Luberia, not wanting to meet the same fate as the heroine, tries her best to avoid Caesar, but due to his formidable appearance and persistence, she finds herself engaged to him before she knows it. Can Luberia survive without loving Caesar until the end?+
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024