Tasogare Wa Karera No Jikan

Alternative Titles
黃昏是屬於他們的時間 ; 黄昏は彼らの時間 ; Twilight is Their Time
Synopsis Tasogare Wa Karera No Jikan
Unbelievably gorgeous, Ritsuto Okumura has always been able charm anyone whether he wants to or not, even to the point of obsession. Although he is the only member of the current Okumura family who possesses this arcane ability, he dresses conservatively and even obscures his appearance with glasses trying to counteract this strange allure as it only seems to bring him hardship. Against his better judgement he uses his charms to help his cousin with a client who then tracks him down at his workplace, completely infatuated with Ritsuto. While wondering how to safely escape from his stalker, a striking man with long black hair named Luka appears and tells Ritsuto to order his stalker to leave him alone...and he does! Desperate to understand what just happened, Ritsuto follows Luka to his hotel room but instead of explaining Luka pushes him down and tells him, "I want you....It is your destiny to become mine," and thus begins a darkly erotic tale of unearthly love.
Minase Masara
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024