Taiyou Ni Nurete

Alternative Titles
太陽に濡れて ; Soaked by the Sun
Synopsis Taiyou Ni Nurete
1-2) Soaked by the Sun A beautiful transfer student, Takayama is weak and often absent from the PE lesson, because he has an allergy to sunshine. He is bullied by other students, but a very handsome & cool student, Kasai tries to help him. 3) Mosaic Boy Hero has changed into a girl when his pulse increases since a bisexual butterfly genes were injected into him by his father, a mad scientist. He is loved by a handsome classmate. 4) Scramble Papa The heroine's boyfriend is forced to train for the role of Yamato Nadeshiko - true japanese virtuous woman - and goes to see her father to bargain directly 5) Goodbye Hello A jinx is moved by another boy who prays for his lover's luck with a simple heart.
Tohjoh Asami
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024