Strange Mansion

Alternative Titles
すとれんじマンション ; 스트레인지 맨션 ; Strange Apartment
Synopsis Strange Mansion
Koyoki goes to Tokyo and moves next door to the boy Shirahai that she liked in High school. When she went to visit, a girl greeted the door instead, Whom she thought was the boy's girlfriend or older sister turns out it was Shirahai Sempai. What happened? Shirahai confessed to the captain of the Oandan, but the captain turned him down...saying he's not interested in men, so Shirahai came back six month later with some changes and they have been living together since. He is hiding from his family, since his father will kill him if he finds out, he was raised to be the man of men so his family can't find out.
Kagesaki Yuna
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024