Sora No Mannaka

Alternative Titles
晴空之中 ; 空のまんなか ; 親愛這一家 ; Sora no Mannaka: Autumn Drama ; Sora no Mannaka ~ Spring Storm
Synopsis Sora No Mannaka
From Lijaka's Shoujo Manga Mangaka Info: Amasawa Miyako, the middle child of 5 siblings, is the only 'normal' one, the others all being very good-looking and very talented at something. She takes care of them at home with cooking, cleaning, etc. because their parents are very busy at work, but she has to deal with both her own insecurities and people's opinions on how she's not like her brothers and sisters. It also doesn't help that she likes her best friend who's in love with her older sister...
Kamura Yoko
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024