Sono Me De Katare

Alternative Titles
その目で語れ ; 眼底的爱意 ; Tell All with the Eyes ; Tell Me All with the Eyes
Synopsis Sono Me De Katare
1-2) Tell All With the EyesCollege student Sanjou has a crush on his friend Tsuchida, but doesn't want to mess up their friendship. Lately Sanjou keeps noticing fellow student Morino, even though they have nothing in common. Then Morino catches Sanjou in a compromising position and uses it to his advantage. But Tsuchida doesn't like the idea of losing Sanjou...3-6) The Sweet Moment I Fall in Love With YouWhen children's toy salesman Yasuhara Masumi gets the assignment of helping the computer tech who's redoing their system, he expects a total geek. But what he gets is Togashi Yoshirou, handsome, suave and way too touchy-feely!
Narazaki Souta
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024