Shuuden Ni Wa Kaeshimasu

Synopsis Shuuden Ni Wa Kaeshimasu
A collection of stories:• Hiragana Sen, Aiu Eki Yori (From Aiu Station on the Hiragana Line)Asaki has her life all planned out: she is going to win a beauty contest, become a newscaster, and marry into wealth. One day she is helped by a delinquent-looking girl named Tsune on the train and her plans begin to change...• Shoujo Planetarium (Girls' Planetarium)Suzuki and Satou are classmates but barely interact due to their different personalities. One day Suzuki sees Satou getting picked up by an older woman and when noticed gets dragged along by her to Satou’s chagrin.- Yuri Project• Isshun no Asterism (Ephemeral Asterism)• Eien ni Shoujo (Forever Girls)A ghost named Mizuki returns to her old home to discover a family she does not know. There, she meets a child named Misao who is the only person who can see or interact with her. This is the story of their relationship as Misao grows up.• Otona no Kaidan no Shita (At the Bottom of the Stairway to Adulthood)Natsu has never had a good relationship with her older sister, Aki, or her friends she always brings home. One day Aki brings home a girl that is quite a bit different than all the others and Natsu immediately likes her. When she overhears Aki and her friends talking about the new girl behind her back Natsu thinks, "If only she was my friend instead..."• Shoujo Seizu (not scanlated)-----
Amagakure Gido
Created On
January 08, 2024
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January 08, 2024