Shiritsu Sei Cattlya Shougakkou

Alternative Titles
私立聖カトレア小学校 ; Shiritsu St. Cattlya Shougakkou ; St. Cattlya Private Primary School ; St. Cattlya Shougakkou ; Watakushiritsu Sei Cattlya Shougakkou
Synopsis Shiritsu Sei Cattlya Shougakkou
I resigned from St.Cattlya Kindergarten because I want to teach at a High School. One day, I received a letter from Yamasaki-sensei. Oh, is that a love letter? But why the clues at the letter guide me to the St. Cattlya Primary? Oh,NO! I have to teach my previous students again. Where's those young high school girls I always dreamed of?
Yabu Keisuke
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024