Shichakushitsu No Midara Na Shinshi

Alternative Titles
試着室の淫らな紳士 ; Indecent Gentleman of the Fitting Room
Synopsis Shichakushitsu No Midara Na Shinshi
“Your legs are so extravagant, beautiful and lewd”. Kurosawa, the Shoefitter, a former exclusive model of the luxury brand “VERGA”, is now responsible for the brand’s main shop in Japan. Such a perfect and elegant man cannot possibly be fixated on an ordinary salaryman like me. But when he suddenly started licking my legs in such an extremely loving way, I could not contain this elevating desire…! To be tempted by erotic flirtation that can melt him, it is a passionate fetish love.
Kamon Saeko
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024