Peculiar Tales Of Swords And Blades

Alternative Titles
刀剑异闻录 ; Dāo Jiàn Yì Wén Lù ; Dao Jian Yi Wen Lu ; Record of the Anecdote About Swords
Synopsis Peculiar Tales Of Swords And Blades
Great heroes have been pursuing deers in the central plains for five generations. The sixth son of the Li family in Southern Tang, Li Congjia, has his eyes set on conquering the world. While posing as a playboy, who indulges in poems and songs from brothels, he secretly trains a troupe of capable warriors in an attempt to seize the throne. He also manipulates the Tang Family of the Shu Kingdom. On the other hand, Chu Hanfei, a former nobleman from the Chu Kingdom, is the head of the Mo assassination group. Three major forces have come about with the sole purpose of acquiring the legendary book, Tui Bei Tu. The last one is General Zhao Kuangyin, who is of the Zhou dynasty. He is in the midst of cautiously executing his plans to conquer the world.
Chen Guojian
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024