Alternative Titles
むこうぶち 高レート裏麻雀列伝; むこうぶち (Japanese); Muko Ubuchi; Mukou Buchi; Mukoubuchi - Kou Rate Ura Maajan Retsuden; Mukoubuchi - The Tale of High-Stakes Underground Mahjong (English)
Synopsis Mukoubuchi
The 1980's was an unusual decade. The price of land skyrocketed, and the value of money went well above the norm. The numbers that defined the world all spun out of control, launching one of the largest bubble economies Japan had ever seen. For Mahjong, as well, it was an age that saw high stakes games on a scale unlike any age before it. And in this age, a man some call "Kai" lives as a "Mukoubuchi", what true, lone-wolf gamblers are called.
Amajishi Etsuya
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024