Moon And Maple Syrup

Alternative Titles
Tsuki to Maple Syrup ; Tsuki to Maple Syrup: Sensei to no Koi wa Mitsu no Aji ; Tukito Maple Syrup —Senseitono Koiha Mituno Azi— ; Tsuki to Maple Syrup ; 月とメープルシロップ ; 月とメープルシロップ-先生との恋は蜜の味-
Synopsis Moon And Maple Syrup
A playboy high school boy's fist love is an older teacher! Frivolous high school boy Kaede Ochiai is an enourmous playboy! His next target is Tsukiko Hashimoto a pretty neat teacher... so she pretends. The truth is that she's completely unkempt. It started as a bet that he could have sex with Tsukiko-Sensei for 10,000 yen. She treats him like a child; she has a boyfriend; there's no way he can ever seduce her, right?! Along the way he ends up becoming more and more interested in this teacher...?
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024