Milcute Vs. Lollipop

Synopsis Milcute Vs. Lollipop
It's summer! And Nina (Lollipop) and Yoku (Milcute) both have a plan to spend their summer making memories with the ones they love. Nina drags Zero to the amusment park, while Yoku takes Miu. There they both tell their partners that they will enter the "Love Race" to win a great prize. What happens when Lollipop mets Milcute? And who kidnaped Forte (Lollipop) to force him to enter the race with her? Find out in this cute short chapter. -Oneshot side story from Modotte! Mamotte! Lollipop
Kikuta Michiyo
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024