Manatsu No Nureta Toiki

Alternative Titles
真夏の濡れた吐息 ; The Sigh of a Wet Summer ; W Love Prince
Synopsis Manatsu No Nureta Toiki
Oneshot Collection Title List 1.The Damp Breath of Midsummer: From Awakened Memories- In paradise, Meguri encountered the sweet passion of temptation. At a summer resort on a southern island, Meguri doesn’t want to believe that she’s fallen in love with such a sparkly guy! But for some reason, the thought of him makes my, and the rest of the people in the world’s, heart thump. This love already --- can’t be stopped by anyone! (*Note: On page 29, "Youseiha" is supposed to be "you, Seiha") 2.The Sweet Flower of Sin: Sahara Yuiki is in love with her Sensei, but he doesnt even notice her... or does he? 3.Double Love Prince: Ever since Yume saw 'Tomoki' win first place at a track competition she has been in a onesided love with him. But things are not always what they seem. 4.The Kidnapped Chocolate: n/a 5.Touch Me Kindly: Mikuni Kouji helps to steady 'examiniee student' Kudoh Natsuki' nerves before taking the entrance exams and unknowingly steals her heart. Three months later -having narrowly getting in- Natsuki confesses. But he rejects her because she is stupid... WHAT! Natsuki suddenly makes a deal though "On the next midterm, if I can get above average after you tutoring me... you can do whatever you want with my body!"
Tsuzuki Moe
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024