Majo To Houki To Kurobuchi Megane

Alternative Titles
魔女とほうきと黒縁メガネ ; Majyo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane
Synopsis Majo To Houki To Kurobuchi Megane
Noriko Harii is a sorta normal highschool girl even if she has a side she'd rather not show anyone. When the elementary schooler Rihana Alkanet moves in next door from overseas, she discover a new side of herself. Rihana belives she has to master her 'magical' powers and tries really hard to do so. But when meeting Noriko, Rihana awakens a new, fearsome, power. Watch the daily life of these girls.
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024