Macross δ Gaiden: Macross E

Alternative Titles
マクロスΔ外伝 マクロスe, Macross Δ Side Story: Macross E, Macross Delta Gaiden: Macross Extra
Synopsis Macross δ Gaiden: Macross E
After the end of the Vajra war in 2059 AD , a mysterious "Var Syndrome"  suddenly appeared in various parts of the Galaxy, afflicting life forms, even gargantuan Unamushi (Eel bug) native to the planet Pipre. Result of research revealed that people who posses a special singing voice is expected to have the ability to calm the Var. Interplanetary Civilian Military Contractor: Xaos, chose the trio of female idol group "Thrones" - the candidate to start the demonstration test of the power of song: "Project Thrones". Valkyrie unit of the Xaos Pipre branch: "Echo squadron" will escort Thrones, and the novice pilot Kinjou Kaito will be ecstatic when escorting Pirika Polywanov. Kaito, knowing the sorrows and passion behind Pirika's unfriendliness, inspired him to "change" to the man who protects Pirika.
Ichimonji Kei, Kawamori Shoji
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024