Love Stalking!

Alternative Titles
ラヴストーキン! ; Doing the 180 ; End of Summer ; Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion
Synopsis Love Stalking!
From JShoujo Scans: Love Stalking! Mizuki's life's a mess. She has an obsessive stalker who's been leaving her creepy messages in her mail box, and her boyfriend dumps her because he got sick and tired of being harassed by her relentless stalker. Just when she decides to move out of her apartment, Natsume, a good-looking guy who reminds her of her ex moves in next door. Can he protect her from her stalker? And what's this about him being in love with her friend?! Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion Called Noe-chan by all her admirers, guys who she became friends with because they weren't her type, she's the cutest girl in school... But underneath that cute exterior is a tomboyish girl who just wants a boyfriend. What's Noe supposed to do when the one she does end up liking, Touji-kun, already has a girlfriend? End of Summer Yuki feels stifled in her own home because her parents nag her to study, study, study. When she finally goes off the deep end and sees her parent's faces as textbooks, you know she just has to get away, right? So at the beginning of summer she leaves a note promising she'll be back by the next school term, and ends up living with one of her classmates and his older brother for a couple of weeks. Doing the 180 Wakana's boyfriend Nobuyuki misses her so much, he decides to leave Tokyo to go to school with her and live near her! But what if Wakana is so thrilled about her boyfriend suddenly showing up, she becomes extremely embarrassed and conveys the opposite of her feelings?!
Hazuki Kanae
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024