Legendary Kang Do-Young

Alternative Titles
전설의 강도영 ; Jeonseol ui Kang Do-Yeong
Synopsis Legendary Kang Do-Young
There is a Legend about a guy named Kang Do-Young. He is perfect, he is great at sports, he is rich as well as good at fighting. That guy is also the current Jjang of the school. And now that guy likes Namire. A girl who is in a club called 'Pink Lady' and that also wants to be Jjang of her whole school. But she wants to fight Do-Young and defeat him so she can be the new Jjang. To bad Kang Do-Young doesn't want to fight since he likes her. What will happen will she ever defeat him and become Jjang or..........?
Jeong Iwon
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024