Kouya No Seifukuou

Alternative Titles
荒野の征服王 ; The Conquest King of a Wasteland
Synopsis Kouya No Seifukuou
A collection of one-shots 1)The Conquest King of a Wasteland- Azim is leader of the "barbarian" troops conquering the land. Prince Ulra from the neighboring kingdom is sent to assassinate him, but things don't always go as planned. 2)Truthful Words- Office worker Kaname's next door neighbor Shouta is a quiet high school student, maybe too quiet! After a night of drinking Kaname can hear Shouta's thoughts, and they're all about Kaname! 3)The Twin's Lover- Poor high school student Youhei lives with rich privileged twins Rei and Jin. He loves them both, but knows he can't live with them forever. 4)Garden- Young Master Masumi has returned to his childhood home and the gardener's grandson he tormented as a child. But Kengo's grown up. 5)The Love Call of the Master- Yuuki wakes up chained to a bed! Sold to a pervert by his father, will Yuuki succumb to his Master? 6)Paradise- Contiuation of chapter one. -Bakaupdates
Oumi Shinano
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024