Koigokoro Senpukuchuu

Alternative Titles
こいごころ・せんぷくちゅう ; 恋心・センプク中 ; 恋心觉醒时 ; 恋心♥センプク中 ; 恋爱潜伏期 ; Koigokoro Kaidokuchuu ; Koikokoro Senpukuchuu ; The Latency Period of Love ; When Love is Hiding
Synopsis Koigokoro Senpukuchuu
From Enchantment Scans and FATE: There are seven love charms that are circulated at Ayase Academy. Trusting those, Ritsuka believes that she will have a wonderful boyfriend. However, Kuze-kun, who's super scary and infamous at school, keeps getting in her way...Will Ritsuka find the love of her destiny?!
Shiumi Saki
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024