Koi Wa Itsumo Arashi No Youni

Alternative Titles
Love Is Always Like A Storm ; Love Is Like A Hurricane
Synopsis Koi Wa Itsumo Arashi No Youni
From 801 Media: Mizuki gets molested on a train bound for school, and the perpetrator is none other than the school president, Azuma! Mizuki gets called to the student council room, where Azuma confesses his love for him. So begins the tale of this wacky school story. Poor Mizuki has the worst luck. Gifted with beauty that rivals most females, he finds himself defending his honor in more ways than one. When he gets molested on board a train for school one day, he starts to think things can't get any worse. That is until he is called into the student council office by the president, Azuma. Turns out the perpetrator of that morning's foray is none other than the student council president himself! Azuma is not one for one night stands and begins his campaign to make Mizuki his own.
Shimazaki Tokiya
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024