Kisu Series

Alternative Titles
Kiss Series ; Kisu Dakeja Iya ; Kisu Kara Hajimete ; Kisu Shite Onegai
Synopsis Kisu Series
1) Kisu Kara Hajimete- Super popular high school student Nishimura Jun has a beautiful face, a great body and women lining up to have sex with him! So why is Jun still a virgin? The romantic Jun wants nothing more that a sweet and pure love. Hiding his virginity is becoming tiring, especially since kouhai Machida seems to be onto his ruse... 2) Kisu Shite Onegai- Jun's former sempai Yoshizumi arrives just in time to stir up trouble! 3) Kisu Dakeja Iya- Machida has a cold, but Jun's bedside manner is somewhat lacking.
Takenaka Sei
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024