Kaze No Juka - Nubatama No Kami No Himegimi

Alternative Titles
風の呪歌 ; 風の呪歌 射干玉の髪の姫君 ; 風の呪歌-ガルドル- ; Il Sortilegio del Vento (italian) ; Kaze no Galdor ; Kaze no Galdor - Nubatama no Kami no Himegimi ; Kaze no Garudoru ; The Wind of Galdor
Synopsis Kaze No Juka - Nubatama No Kami No Himegimi
From Wingtip Cafe: Two fantasy stories with a rich sense of celtic folklore. The first story, "On the Riverbank of Lethe", tells a strange encounter of a memory-lost amazon warrior and a mysterious bard with a broken-string unicorn-shaped harp. The second, title story, is about the bard’s past when he first met his red-headed amazon princess.
Ashibe Yuuho
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024