Innai Keisatsu Asclepius No Hebi

Alternative Titles
院内警察~アスクレピオスの蛇~ ; Hospital Police - Serpent of Asclepius
Synopsis Innai Keisatsu Asclepius No Hebi
Asugure General Hospital has an "in-hospital police box," which is still not very common in Japan. Kawamoto is hired as a clerical worker at the police box, but there he finds a mysterious in-hospital detective, Murai, who seems to have a reason for being there! Meanwhile, a cold and genius surgeon, Sakakibara, returns to Japan from overseas. The days of the "Shuraba" begin...!Genius surgeon vs. A full-fledged medical x detective drama! The two professions of exposing the "sickness" and "darkness" that lurks in people are woven together in a white, ghostly world of gestalt. imboss
Sakai Tsutomu, Hayashi Ichi
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024