Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling

Alternative Titles
いけないティーチャー☆イケてるダーリン ; Bad Teacher, Good Darling ; Ikenai Teacher Iketeru Darling ; Ikenai Tiicha Iketeru Darin
Synopsis Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru Darling
Meet Izumi and Tachibana, they're right in the middle of a very hot and heavy romance. Seems normal right? Except Tachibana is a teacher at Izumi's all girls high school. Izumi's calm and collected, and is part of the student council. Tachibana is lecherous and always trying to find a way to get into Izumi's uniform. See if they can handle their hush-hush relationship and themselves.
Toda Megumi
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024