I Will Try To End The Male Lead

Alternative Titles
I'm Going to Kill the Male Lead / 남주를 죽여보겠습니다
Synopsis I Will Try To End The Male Lead
Read manhwa I Will Try to End the Male Lead / I Will Kill the Male Protagonist / I, Kwon Jinha, began feeling sick after reading a romance novel. I became connected to all the emotions and sensations of the female lead, Elvi. I even went to the hospital due to severe pain and sorrow but the result said there's nothing wrong with my body. So, I ended up sending an email to the novel's author, begging for the male lead to stop tormenting the female lead. But instead, all i got was a happy reply, "Do your job properly, Elvi". I found myself possessed in Elvi's body in the novel. I got slapped by the male lead as soon as I possessed Elvi's body, upon that, I had only one thought, "The male lead? It's over if I kill him, right?"
Han Liang
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024