I Became An S-Rank Hunter With The Demon Lord App

Alternative Titles
Maou App de S-kyuu Hunter ni Naremashita ; I Became an S-Rank Hunter With the Demon Lord App ; 魔王アプリでS級ハンターになれました
Synopsis I Became An S-Rank Hunter With The Demon Lord App
I Became an S-Rank Hunter with the Demon Lord App manga, sThere was a boy who lived in the present age of dungeons. His hunter aptitude was the lowest grade of "F," which was a brand and proof that although he was a hunter, his power was not much different from that of ordinary people. One day, he is betrayed by his friends in the dungeon and left behind as a bait to a pack of demons. While hungry demon wolves devour the boy's throat, he despairs of the unfairness of "talent" and continues his insatiable search for "power" and he hears the voice of "the world". -Strong desire of power confirmed- Starting Demon lord application- As the vessel of the Demon lord power Player: Ijima Hiroto has been selected. The boy breaks through the "Wall of Talent" one after another with his overwhelming ability to grow through the "Demon Lord App" The action drama of the young hunter oppressed by the world begins!
Ibsrhwda, Shiraishi Arata, Shiburingaru
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024