Houseki Shoujo Wa Namida O Nagasanai

Alternative Titles
宝石少女は涙を流さない ; Houseki Shoujo wa Namida wo Nagasanai ; Precious Girl Does Not Shed Tears ; الفتاة الثمينة لا تذرف الدموع
Synopsis Houseki Shoujo Wa Namida O Nagasanai
This is a story about the life of a “girl with jewels”, trapped in a death trap. Ingrid, crying beautiful precious tears, is abused, to ensure the prosperity of her family. In the end, she was killed, because “tears of death are the most powerful gems”. But the power of the last jewel turns back time for her. During the period of her return, she was repeatedly killed until she was told, “Die for my happiness, you hate me, sister. Ingrid discovers that she is being killed because of her sister's selfishness, and says: “I don't want any more unwanted tears”... using the true power of the gemstone, Ingrid enters her final reincarnation.
Fuyutsuki Irori
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024