Himiko (Ryo Kurashina)

Alternative Titles
Himiko - Sekai Jotei Retsuden,Himiko (KURASHINA Ryou),世界女帝列伝 卑弥呼,卑弥呼
Synopsis Himiko (Ryo Kurashina)
Ina is the god―child of Fire, born in a small village in the mountains, called Inasa. There, she meets a man who wandered in from another country called Susa, and thus begins their fantastic story of love and growth. Kurashina Ryou, famous for his ”Empress” series, now begins a fresh new story with the skilled artist Minami Megumu! After her father, the village leader dies, she announces that she will become the new leader. Then, a manly wanderer with a type of sword that she’s never seen before appears... later she will come to be known as Himiko, and through the power of the pure swordsman named Susano―o and Hihiirokane, the two begin their journey on the path to the power struggle filled creation of Yamatai! Minami Megumu, a flaship web comic artist, draws their love story with sharp touches and beautiful curves. This is the ”Powered―up version” of Empress!
Ryou Kurashina, Megumu Minami
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024