Hatsukoi No Tsuzuki Wa Danshiryou De

Alternative Titles
初恋のつづきは男子寮で ;Hatsukoi no Tsudzuki wa Danshiryou de
Synopsis Hatsukoi No Tsuzuki Wa Danshiryou De
Shu finds herself transferring to a high school filled with guys despite being bad at dealing with them, and decides to work hard to overcome her problem. But when she hits her limit, the one who saves her from this mindset is a remarkably flashy and cool guy named Shiba, who was initially nothing but cold and rude to her. In reality, Shiba is actually a kind person who tells Shu, “I will protect you.” Somehow, despite their differences, Shiba reminds Shu of her first love.
Nanami Yue
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024