Gattendou Tenmatsuki

Alternative Titles
がってんどうてんまつ き ; 月天動顛末記 ; 月天堂顚末記 ; Gattendo Tenmatsuki
Synopsis Gattendou Tenmatsuki
In order to take care of his younger brother, Nozomi runs the Gattendou (sort of a jack of all trades) convenient store. For his most recent job he'll be acting as the body double for a yakuza's son, therefore he'll be protected closely by a bodyguard. But the bodyguard, Kusaka Yamato, fervently pursues him all while claiming he loves Nozomi. Nozomi has always earned a living himself for his and his brothers sake, but perhaps it wouldnt be so bad to rely on others every so often.
Fujii Mitori
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024