Alternative Titles
雁字搦め (Japanese)
Synopsis Ganjigarame
Kazuma and Yuuji are fraternal twins. The title of this one-shot is 雁字搦め, which means something along the lines of bound tightly, strictly. It especially resonates with the two twins' relationship. Kazuma is the uke you see in the beginning-- he calls out another persons' name during sex with his younger brother Yuuji. After their steamy sex, Yuuji asks him if that is the new person that he is in love with, and wants to pursue. This new subordinate is called Matsuo, and apparently he becomes really embarrassed whenever Kazuma touches him too much. However, when they lay down to sleep, and Yuuji falls asleep next to Kazuma, Kazuma talks about how he really is actually in love with Yuuji, his younger brother....
Matsumoto Yoh
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024