Ga-Rei Toka Mhp2G Toka No Hon.

Alternative Titles
Ga-Rei, MHP2G. etc. book
Synopsis Ga-Rei Toka Mhp2G Toka No Hon.
Another Ume doujinshi. Originally sold at the third COMIC1 in April of 2009, the series she's talking about are nostalgic by now. There's more MonHun, lots of Ga-Rei, with a crossover between the two as well. Who knew that was possible? There's also an original manga that, like Sae's growling stomach story, feels surprisingly real. It also has a little bit of Vocaloid (Rin & Len) along with the usual fun and silly stuff.
Apricot Plus (Circle), Aoki Ume
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024
Ga-Rei Toka Mhp2G Toka No Hon. Chapters