Fire Without Flames

Alternative Titles
An Huo ; Fire without flame ; The Fire of Darkness ; Àn Huǒ ; 暗火
Synopsis Fire Without Flames
Ling Zhuo is a popular idol.. He is good-looking and has a strong business ability. His debut on the show went smoothly, until he was pushed into shooting a movie by his agent and met Lu Chixie; the sickening but charming demon king.The Great Demon approached him forcefully, snatched Ling Zhuo from people's cupid arrows, hooked Ling Zhuo into his territory step by step, made the ground a prison, and posted a blog to announce to the world: "This man, mine"Adapted from a novel with the same name from Changpei/gongzicp +
白芥子, White Mustard Seed, 多拉格文化
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024