Eniro Cinderella

Alternative Titles
艳色灰姑娘 ; 艶色*シンデレラ ; 艶色*ジュリエット 艶色*シンデレラ 3 ; 艶色*ディーヴァ 艶色*シンデレラ 6 ; 艶色*マーメイド 艶色*シンデレラ 5 ; 艶色*ミューズ 艶色*シンデレラ 4 ; 艶色*ヴィーナス 艶色*シンデレラ 2 ; Eniro*Cinderella ; Eniro*Diva ; Eniro*Juliet ; Eniro*Mermaid ; Eniro*Muse ; Eniro*Venus
Synopsis Eniro Cinderella
From Transient Mirage: Be my woman and I'll let you become a top singer!This is the speech made by Yukihito Yoshizawa, a music producer. A female high school girl who wants to save his weak and sickly brother accept his terms by offering her voice and body. A passionate yet twisted entertainment love story thus begins!
Fuyumori Yukiko
Created On
January 07, 2024
Updated On
January 07, 2024