Alternative Titles
ドロテア ; ドロテア~魔女の鉄鎚~ ; 魔女的铁鎚 ; Dorotea ; Dorothea ~Majo no Tetsutsui~
Synopsis Dorothea
In the medieval town of Naudars, albino children hold a revered and protected status. Dorothea is one of these children and she has always wanted to see the world beyond her cloistered existence. When Naudars is attacked, all able-bodied men rise to defend their home. But Dorothea is prepared to defy tradition and enlist in the military. Like Joan of Arc, she must deal with the prejudices of those who are scandalized by the very existence of a young woman warrior. This spirited, sword-wielding girl has to defend herself from charges of witchcraft at the same time she's defending the land she loves.
Created On
February 01, 2024
Updated On
February 01, 2024