Do You Remember, Mogwa?

Alternative Titles
모과를 기억 하세요? ; 모과를 기억하세요? ; Do You Remember Quince? ; Do You Remember the Mogwa? ; Do You Remember the Papaya? ; Mogwa-reul Giok Haseyo? ; Mogwa-reul Kieok Haseyo? ; Mogwareul Gieokhaseyo? ; Sâu trong ánh mắt ; Sâu Trong Ánh Mắt (Vietnamese) ; Kan du huske, Mogwa? (Danish) ; Naaalala mo ba, Mogwa? (Filipino) ; Îţi aminteşti, Mogwa? (Romanian) ; Husker du, Mogwa? (Norwegian) ; Ar pameni, Mogva? (Lithuanian)
Synopsis Do You Remember, Mogwa?
Sun Jong is a girl who doesn't like to be near others, and wears a mask on her face. Her grandma decides to take in a good looking boy who has the mission to become friends with her. Can she take off the mask?
Han Yu-Rang
Created On
January 08, 2024
Updated On
January 08, 2024